Herb Hut Study Group

Friendly, informal sessions, at Blue Noun in Crieff, drinking tea & learning more about herbs

When people find out I’m a Herbalist they want to know more. They don’t always want me to fix them, they want to learn how to fix themselves and they want me to help them do that.

Coorie Herb Hut

So I started the Herb Hut Study group in August 2018 and we’ve been meeting at Hedgerow Hippy’s Herb Hut at Cultybraggan Camp almost every week since then – yes, even throughout the Winter! We had a hardy bunch who attended all throughout the winter last year despite the worst of the weather. But, fair to say, we lost a few folk too.

The Herb Hut is a coorie wee place with the fire on and the lamps lit as the nights draw in. But it can be a thought to get yourself out there on a dark, frosty night when winter truly settles.

We also know that some of you just can’t make it out to join us at any time of year due to transport issues.

So, this winter, we’re trialling a more central location in Crieff. Ruth at the Blue Noun Language School, has very kindly agreed to let us use their space for the next three months to run the Study Group. It’s a bright warm space, centrally located, on a bus route and with parking nearby.

Blue Noun Language School, Crieff

Sessions will run:

Tuesday evening 6:30– 8pm

Thursday afternoon 1:30 – 3pm and 4pm to 5:30pm

Every week we pick a herb to study, dive into the Herb Library, write it up, discuss it, explore concepts and ideas, chat and drink tea. Its pay as you go – just £5 per session – so no need to commit long term if you’ve got lots on. Just come when you can and enjoy an evening or an afternoon with like-minded folk. And you can bring your kids too.

If you’d like to join us just drop me a wee text so I’m expecting you 07738 874 320