As a new virus, we are all in a learning curve with COVID19. So I don’t have specific advice for you here. But, without knowing more about you, I couldn’t be specific anyway. As always, it’s a question of treating the person not the disease, being careful of drug interactions, allergies and existing health conditions. So, let’s go back to basics

  1. Stay healthy – stay strong – help your immune system.
    • Eat well – plenty of fruit and veg – drink water.
    • Get some exercise and fresh air if you are able.
    • If you can’t get out, open the windows for a bit.
  2. Wash your hands
    • It is really really simple – soap kills viruses.
    • Hand sanitisers should be at least 60% alcohol and used on the go.
    • But wash your hands with soap whenever you can.
  3. Coorie doon
    • Stay home if you can.
    • You might not be in a risk group but by sticking to Code Coorie (I’m trying to avoid “isolate”!), you’re helping to protect vulnerable people.
    • If you can’t stay home, see points 1&2. And if you know someone who needs to stay home, help them. Get their messages in, give them a phone, help them to feel less isolated.
    • If you are in an at risk group, reach out to your family or community to help you to stay well. And do all of the above.
  4. Don’t panic
    • Its easy to feel overwhelmed by the constant news. We all have someone to worry about.  But its important to keep your spirits up – not least because we know that stress lowers your immunity. In times of crisis it is natural to gather. With this, we can’t. But we still want, in fact we need, to connect, to reach out. We are lucky that, nowadays, there are so many ways to connect. So switch off the news, phone your Granny, share funny memes on Facebook, swap silly loo roll hoarding stories on your WhatsApp groups – laugh!

If you need to stay well and you want some advice, give me a call and I’ll talk you through your options.

No charge. We’ll get through this together.

07738 874 320

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