Now on Thursdays too!

The Herb Hut Study Group has been such a joy!
I’m delighted with how popular it has been and with the enthusiasm of all the lovely folks attending. Their feedback has been generous and warm 💚
It is rewarding to feel that I am achieving my aim to share the wonder of wild weeds, change the way you see the world and bring you all together in real life. You all bring so much to the table and it’s a pleasure to swap ideas and knowledge with you.
This is the blackboard from Tuesdays tea tasting – so much fun to do with a three year old’s input too! 🙀 
Please let me know if you’d like to connect but can’t make Tues or Thurs evenings (text your name and “Herb Hut Study Group” to 07738 874 320) or indeed if you can come on these evenings…
There is currently a waiting list but I’m trying to squeeze everyone in and will do my best to open up another session if that’s what’s needed.
With lots of Herbal Love,


Would you like to learn more about Herbs and Wild Food?

Join me at the Herb Hut, Tuesday evenings from 6:30 til 8pm

For £5 per session you’ll have use of:

The Herb Garden

The Herb Library

The Herb Hut


Its also a chance to get round the table with like-minded folk in real life to learn from and with each other.  I’ll be there to offer advice and guidance where its needed and studying alongside you. The format will be determined by participants so come along to the early meetings to help shape the evenings. Text your name and “herb hut study group” to 07738 874 320 and I’ll text back to confirm.

Tuesday 21st August 2018


Hedgerow Hippy’s Herb Hut

Cultybraggan Camp

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