Claire is a degree qualified, fully insured Medical Herbalist offering health consultations in Muthill, Comrie and Crieff. Prices start at £15 for a 15 minute introductory appointment which includes a personalised herbal tea blend.

Phone 07738 874 320 to book your appointment now.

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Book your unique guided walk around the local parks and paths with Claire and Roger.

As a plant lover and Herbalist *without a garden* Claire learned her craft in the Hedgerows of Strathearn. So, as well as the standard food foraging plants, she can show you a world of wild weeds with medicinal and practical uses whilst weaving in some folklore and fun.

As backmarker on these walks, Roger has picked up a lot of plant knowledge over the years. He prides himself on his knowledge of the carrot family, ID of trees in Winter and can be relied on for some quality chat along the way.

Prices start from £5 per person for a short walk (minimum numbers apply).

For longer sessions, let us know your budget and we can tailor something to suit.

Call 07738 874 320 to book your walk now.

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Between them, Claire and Roger have acquired a number of practical skills over the years. Claire is a trained Herbalist and self-taught Crafter. Roger is a trained Jeweller and self-taught Brewer.

The last few years have been dominated by The Hut Project. Thanks to the innovative Repair and Lease scheme run by the Comrie Development Trust, they have developed a peaceful corner of Cultybraggan Camp on a very limited budget. Claire has grown the Herb Garden and Roger has renovated the old Nissen Hut; together creating an inspiring place that will serve as a Base Camp for all their practical adventures.

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If you would interested in a workshop, skill share or collaboration, call for a chat on 07738 874 320 now.